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SmartMeter Education                       


are operating in and near the 900Mhz & 1.2 Ghz ranges.

These frequencies are close to the frequencies of cell phones, cell phone towers, wi-fi's, cordless phones, consumer electronics like the Wii, remote control toys, walkie talkies, etc... basically these frequencies are all around you in an accumulation that is reaching a tipping point of what your body can handle. To those with EMF sensitivities they are being pushed out of their homes, and have no where to escape as they are trying to blanket the whole US, North America, and indeed the world, with these devices - (Check this google map titled "Smart Metering Projects Map"

They claim the power level is less than a cell phone this is NOT True- they are marked as 3 Watt transmitters right on their label, a cell phone puts out 250 mW or 6 times less output. They also claim these units are sending data once a day or per hour, this is also NOT True, we have locally measured every six seconds and others have measured every four seconds in different areas. The real problem is when these devices are set up in the grid configuration as in your neighborhood, each Smartmeter transmits every six seconds to all the other smartmeters around you communicating and passing data, then the data is passed to "collector meters" that then use a different frequency to pass to a local hub somewhere close by that then transmits all this data back to the utility.
In a typical track home setting ,assuming 300 foot of range that we have measured, you are looking at possibly up to 50 units transmitting at up to 3 Watts each, all pinging digital spikes every 6 seconds on your home, your street, and all the streets behind you, in front of you, and around you! In fact they are blanketing your whole city with these additional frequencies apart from what already exists in the cell phone and other networks. Not only this, but this is just the beginning, their plan is to create a similar network for your Gas meters & your Water meters. Then the new appliances that are being designed will show how hot your oven is set to, and how often you use it, what temp you keep your A/C, when your televisions are on, etc..
Basically, a complete home monitoring "Smart Grid". So now the fun really happens. They then have the ability to tax or fine you for any violation of what is determined to be a normal setting, turn things on/ off for you. We will all be "Green" and be able to be taxed every time you fart. This last part is not yet functioning but review the documents on the planned smart grid and Cap and Trade will seem like the stone ages! The monitoring and taxing your farts is one thing, but radiating our children is another thing completely and -Unacceptable! There is another type of smartmeter they have available, and a very few utilities are installing that is actually hardwired and uses the power line itself to transmit your usage data back to the collectors, but most utilities are CHOOSING NOT TO USE THEM in favor of the RADIATING your family method!

What you can do:

1. Call your utility and tell them you want the smartmeter removed for Health & Privacy reasons. Do not get into a conversation about the specifics of your reasons for opting out, they have scripts the operators are using to overcome your objections. (In some states they will not allow you to have it removed.)

2. Tell them you want to file a formal complaint for them imposing Radiating Devices on your home without your permission, affecting your Health and Privacy. Don't argue or explain your actions to them! (The utilities are not counting people who want their smartmeters removed as having filed a complaint, so this is a crucial step to showing the real numbers of people objecting)

3. Go out and meet your neighbors and explain what is occuring, give them websites to do research, and organize locally. Remember, if you have your smartmeter removed, all you local neighbors are still radiating RF into your home. This is a real problem, you don't actually have control of your environment even if you opt out.

4. Start to take measures to reduce your RF exposure from all sources.
a) By removing them
b) Moving them further from areas your family sleeps in or uses more frequently.
c) Turn electronics that transmit OFF.
d) Remediate using available Shielding and Tools to measure and block RF (This is not easy to do efficiently and is expensive but well worth your health.

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RF has the power to change gene structure and function... Leading Austrian medical researcher Prof. Franz Adlkofer coordinated the REFLEX study of EMR bioeffects funded by the European Commission. The study's conclusion: High frequency electro-magnetic fields damage genes and gene function. He tells how telecom interests attempted (unsuccessfully) to discredit the study and destroy the careers of its authors and publishers

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