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Aaronia's high performance Shielding Products                         

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Magnetic field & EMC screening panels
Magnetic field & EMC screening panels  MagnoShield Aaronia's high performance EMC panels Aaronia MagnoShield® for magnetic field shielding. Aaronia's industry-grade EMC screening panels are made from special MuMetal composite panels and allow efficient shielding against virtually ALL radiation: LOW FREQUENCY MAGNETIC FIELDS as well as RF fields, electric fields and electrostatic fields. Aaronia MagnoShield® is particularly suited for shielding against low-frequency magnetic fields emitted from transformers, traction power lines, power cables etc. Also ideally suited for building bug-proof environments, precision EMC measurement chambers or for protecting highly sensible areas in aerospace. 

Close-up of screening tissue 

Coarse-meshed screening tissue A2000+ with 20dB damping - Aaronia EMC screening tissue A2000+. Reduces electrosmog from mobile phones, microwave ovens, radar, transmission towers etc. by approx. 99%. Super-easy handling even for the novice. Foldable, strong, breathable. Also effective for low-frequency E-Field electrosmog caused by power lines, power cables etc. by approx. 99.9%.

High performance screening tissue/fabric 

High performance screening tissue/fabric
 Aaronia-Shield® , 50dB damping - Aaronia's novel EMC "Screening fabric" Aaronia-Shield® is made from a patented high-tech fibre. Highly transparent, washable, antiseptic, most effective shielding. Optimal for building screening canopies, fly screens, curtains, cloth, protective clothing etc. Protects against any kind of electrosmog just like A2000+, but offers a 1000fold better shielding performance especially in the high GHz range (mobile phones, microwave ovens, aviation radar, military broadcast, etc.).  This product probably by far offers the world's best screening performance among the highly transparent screening tissues, according to the special survey conducted by Prof. Dipl.-Ing. P. Pauli.

Close-up of screening fleece Aaronia X-Dream

High performance screening fleece  X-Dream® with over 100 dB damping - Aaronia's novel, patented EMC screening fleece Aaronia X-Dream® offers an impressive screening performance of far more than 100dB. Highest screening performance even in the high GHz range. Probably offers the best screening performance worldwide in this product and price category! Optimal for application in indoor as well as outdoor areas of homes, offices, laboratories and manufacturing. Also ideal for building bug-proof environments, precision EMC measurement chambers, or application in aerospace. This product offers a 10000fold higher screening performance than Aaronia-Shield®. Also available as self-adhesive version Aaronia X-Dream® PLUS

High performance screening canopies and grounding mats Click Here

High performance screening canopies and grounding mats
Aaronia's high performance screening canopies made from Aaronia-Shield®. Highly transparent, washable, antiseptic, extremely permeable to air, highest screening performance. In contrast to cotton-based canopies, there's NO muggy air feeling inside! The canopies protect against the LF E-Field as well as RF electrosmog, particularly in the high GHz range (mobile phones, microwave ovens, aviation radar, military broadcast etc.).  These products probably offer the world's by far best shielding performance among the highly transparent canopies.

Grounding package for screening tissues

Grounding package for all of the aforementioned products - Our VDE-certified grounding package consists of a 5m long special grounding band (meshed wire) which allows the optimal and professional grounding of A2000+, Aaronia-Shield® and Aaronia X-Dream®. Including various accessories for installation. 

Damping specifications for high-performance shielding products
Product: Frequency: Damping in dB: Damping factor: Damping in %: Application examples:
A2000+ 1GHz
Indoor and outdoor shielding
Low exposure
Aaronia-Shield® 1GHz
Textile applications (Canopies, clothing, curtains etc.)
Low and high exposure
Aaronia X-Dream® 1GHz
Indoor shielding, measurement chambers
High to highest exposure
Notice: when using the dB unit, an increase of 10dB is equivalent to a 10fold increase in strength. For example, 100dB is 10 times as strong as 90dB, or 100 times as strong as 80dB, etc.