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EMF Blocking Sleeping Bag and Emf Blocking Cell Phone Sock                      

EMF Blocking Sleeping Bag  (BlocBag)                             
EMF Sleeping Bag  (BlocBag)                  
Nighttime Protection from WiFi, 4G Cell Phone, Smartmeters                    

"RF Radiation Protection Sleeping Bag" 
BlocBag is a protective sleeping bag made from Swiss Shield microwave reflecting materials… Swiss Shield Wear (- dB) cotton shielding fabric is used for the body of the bag, and Swiss Shield Daylite (-20db) mesh fabric for the hood.  
Zippered for easy opening with a large 96"x 34" size that has room for the average adult.
EMF Sleeping Bag
$357.00 USD


RF Radiation Protection Sleeping Bag         RF Radiation Protection Sleeping Bag                                


Cell Phone EMF Protection

Leather Blocsock Executive Cell phone radiation shielding cover  

Leather Blocsock Executive Cell phone radiation shielding cover.

The leather Blocsock will fit a phone with a circumference up to 17cm and a height of 14cm.
 iphone or smartphone

 $65.00 USD
SAR Results for Blocsock by RFI Global show 96% reduction in thermal effects!