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Meter Blowout Sales!

Cornet ED78S RF meter w/ Gauss
Cornet ED78S RF meter w/ Gauss (Reg Price $169.00)

with a Free Sample of Cloth ($25 value)
Sale Price $134.95

Cornet ED85EXS

Cornet ED85EXS
(Reg Price $189.95)
with a Free Sample of Cloth ($25 value)
Sale Price $174.95


The ED85EXS meter will accept add on antennas

The ED85EXS meter will accept add on antennas
(purchased for additional cost)
Link to Meter Page

TriField Meter

TriField Meter (Reg Price $160)
with a Free Sample of Cloth ($25 value)
Sale Price $149.95

Trifield ® Meter measures all three types of electromagnetic field: AC magnetic field, AC electric field, and radio (including microwaves). The magnetic and electric detectors are 3-axis, making the meter easier to use than comparable 1-axis meter.                            
*The Radio/Microwave section of this meter 
  reads most modern radio sources (50 MHz - 3 GHz).

with a Free Sample of Cloth ($25 value)
Sale Price $469.95

This meter has an excellent soundboard-
so you can hear the signals/digital pulses.
It costs a little more, but it is easy for the amateur and worth it.

You need this meter in addition
to an RF meter above to fully analyze your environment

3 Axis Milligauss Meter

3 Axis Milligauss Meter
with a Free Sample of Cloth ($25 value)
Sale Price $299.95

Excellent readings for magnetic fields.

This meter measures AC magnetic field in a wide frequency range of 13 Hz to 75 kHz (75,000 Hz).   The frequencies include most ELF (that is, frequencies below 1 kHz) and VLF (above 1 kHz) magnetic fields. The meter measures the true 3-axis magnitude of the AC field. Two other more specialized measurements can also be performed: 3-axis VLF-only (1kHz – 75 kHz) to measure the strength of higher-frequency fields, and 1-axis full bandwidth (13 Hz – 75 kHz) to determine the principal direction of the AC magnetic field.

Most measurements will be performed with the knob turned to 3-Axis ELF+VLF. This setting is for measurement of true magnitude of magnetic field at the widest range of frequencies (ELF + VLF)

This is a busy part of the Radio Spectrum that most Smartmeters andCordless Phones, etc... reside within:

This is a busy part of the Radio Spectrum that most Smartmeters and Cordless Phones, etc... reside within

This is a nice overall View of the Frequency Spectrum :

This is a nice overall View of the Frequency Spectrum

These pictures are on the "Meters & Measurement" Page for a clearer view and to download the US Frequency Spectrum Chart..

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Are you having symptoms occurring after your smartmeter was installed on your home or office?

Or a new 4G cell phone, cell phone tower, or other transmission devices in or around your home?

Symptoms include:
Headaches, Insomnia, Tachycardia, Atrial Fib, Heart attack, High Blood Pressure, Glaucoma, Blindness, Blurred Vision, Ringing of the Ears, Sinus Problems, Seizures, Nerve Ending & Brain Stabbing Pains, Cancer, Thyroid Issues, Blood & Bone Cancer, Brain Tumors, Skin Growths & Cancer, Stomach & Digestive Problems, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Tremors, Nervous Systems, MS & Parkinsons, ADD, ADHD, Dementia, Alzheimers, Tingling in the Hands, Arms, & Feet, Hearing Voices (Like two walkie talkies), Endocrine interruption, Menopause and Hormonal Issues, Hair Loss.

What you can do. This is your solution:

Start to take measures to reduce your RF exposure from all sources.

a) By removing them at their source...ie smartmeters,wireless electronics, WiFi, Cell Phones. etc..

Educating yourself & your neighbors(their transmissions are affecting you).
    Start Here>>>Our Smartmeter Education Page

If you can't get rid of the sources, move them further away from areas your family sleeps in and uses more frequently.

) Turn electronics that transmit OFF.

Remediate using tested & Proven EMF Neutralizing Products to Neutralize radiation emissions harmful to your body.

) Tools to measure the source and strength of the emissions..........Meters & Measurement page.  

Bed Canopies are a shielding method to allow your body to Rest and rejuvinate while you sleep......
Bed Canopies

Shielding to block RF Sources  Shielding Products Link

) We have available Schumanns earth resonance generators to help your body overcome harmful frequencies and also Sleep Inducing Frequency generators for Insomnia.......Relaxation Generators

Watch these Great Video's:

Resonance-Beings of Frequency Documentary

Jerry Flynn explanation of  Smartmeter and Cell phone RF levels.

Arizona local news segment on Smartmeters....